This update contains a stupid amount of fixes including one raised here on the sub recently, as well as a new location and some new black market stuff as well as over 70000 new faces for elves!


* Added The Northern Hall to Songwood in The West
* Added the Ancient Lightning Chant to the game
* Added the Long Serpent Boat the Dockrow
* Added Long Serpent Lightning Chant
* Added 75600 New Elf Faces

* Added Captain Ragnar the Stag to Long Serpent


* Fixed no exit option for hiring a champion (credit ChuteUk)
* Fixed building spacing and roof spacing
* Fixed hostile black market leader forces you to fight him
* Fixed loop game breaking bug for capturing blackmarket from hostile king
* Fixed access to blackmarket leaders den if no leader exists
* Fixed Ogloob the Tavern Ogre misreporting who the blackmarket leader is
* Fixed ability to get bank tax when you raid the bank
* Fixed the infinite burning fruit farm bug (credit u/Darkmark8910 & Ursur)
* Fixed Scorpion fighting pit buyers text bug (credit Ursur)
* Fixed Lute Bards making no sound in the bards guild
* Fixed Mad mans den wrong colour text
* Fixed Black opal line issue
* Fixed Double Charge Black Market Bug


* Added New Secret Gravestone


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