Hi guys, this update includes some huge news! the game has been greenlit and will be going live very soon! I have been working hard on a massive update as a final free release, but I have been working on this game for over two years and I could have never forseen getting on greenlight and submitted it on a whim, being on steam is a dream come true for me!

I cannot thank you all enough for the support, suggestions, comments and feedback over the past couple year or so, it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! anyone who has donated will get given a key and we will do giveaways and competetions here!

That being said, here is the update I’ve been working on, it started small but I began working on expanding the Black Market and kind of went overboard!

* Added Ability to see relation to goblins/rebels and bandits in diplomacy
* Added Great Totem of the Krut to the Krut Diplomacy Screen
* Fixed Monfort Mine prospecting bug (Audiogames User: Dranelement)
* Fixed broken relations report bug
* Fixed Unable to leave slums bug
* Added blessing booth to blackmarket stalls
* Added the black wall to the Black market
* Added ability to ask around black market if anyone wants to join
* Added Old Wizard tower to black market
* Moved a bunch of areas to the blackmarket slums
* Added black market slaver post
* Added black market slavers pool from the slums population
* Added something that shows the full population of the black market slums
* Fixed Throne room advice man leaving bug
* Added Chelobs well to slums
* Added Chelobs riddle mini quest
* Fixed Aslona black market having no graphical underline
* Added 10 new roof tiles
* Added 2 new flag parts
* Added ‘The Steamed’ Name Suffix (+10)
* Added ‘The Released’ Name Suffix (+30)
* Added 12 new crowns
* Added 5 new advices to the great gargallock and advice givers
* Re-arranged black market layout
* Added black market dockrow
* Added The Black Opal to dockrow
* Added the ruins of the counts arms to dockrow
* Added the Marie Elena to dockrow
* Added the Jackdaw to dockrow
* Added the Sea Tub Clarabella to dockrow
* Added the Laughing Lion to dockrow
* Added the queens revenge to dockrow
* Added chance of sea shanty on the black opal (1 in 10)
* Added 10 warrior types and mercenary names
* Fixed blackmarket slums kickout bug
* Added new graphics for dockrow and slums
* Added Blackrow to blackmarket
* Added Shadow assassins guild ruins
* Added demon hunters den ruins
* Added Empty dock chance to dockrow
* Added blackmarket sewers
* Added Yellow mural to sewers
* Added Red mural to sewers
* Added Ancient door to sewers
* Added Rat Racing to Blackmarket sewers
* Added patch of respawning bluetrii to blackmarket sewers
* Added doom sound to the game
* Added marathon mode to ratracing
* Added Dynamic watchtowers with graphics and text to blackmarket (docks+slum)
* Added SUPER HIDDEN SECRET To the game
* Added DEBUG 99 Lap feature to ratracing
* Added Mad mans Den
* Added Dirt Den
* Added ‘Silver Tongue’ encounter to throne room
* Added 140 Random Dialogues to Thickblood Tavern and Blackrow Tavern
* Added face to Ulfberth the Unyeilding
* Added House of Goblin Heroes to dockrow in the blackmarket
* Added 5 possible moves in thickblood and Blackrow tavern brawls instead of single hard punch for 10dmg
* Added the dice game 12 to the Blackrow tavern
* Increased loot from sacking the black market
* Fixed thickblood combat issues
* Added dynamic ogre bartnender to blackrow tavern
* Added black alley to blackrow
* Added Burned Shacks to blackrow
* Added the Monument of Kings to blackrow (dead black market kings)
* Added randomly generated black market leaders
* Added ability for black market leaders to ban you
* Added black market trade caravan
* Added black market leaders den
* Added ability to have the black market leaders assassinated
* Added blackmarket slums tax levels increase if its been upgraded
* Upgraded tax rates for all
* Reworked bandits retaking blackmarket to generate a new leader when they do
* Added Goblin Entrance-way for goblin kings of black market
* Added if blackmarket leader is goblin Hall of Goblins has an extra area, reduced price and new dialogue
* Added dynamic den entrances for all blackmarket ruler types
* Added chance of pyromaniac black market leader to burn the place down
* Added leadership challenge event black market
* Added 4 death events for black market leaders

So many features I can’t even pick specific ones to talk about, thank you all for everything you’ve done and I hope you continue to follow the games development! I will still be active here and will do steam key giveaways from time to time though the steam price will not be high!

Thank you very much and enjoy!


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