Been about a week or so since the last update, trying to take so long but I’m super busy trying to build up my savings for travelling by selling everything on ebay, this update contains a few new features such as, a new debug option to force someone to be your vassal, new cheats, new sounds for the gibbering monk, a new animation you can find in the magic theatre which is pretty cool! and some other features such as burning the cartographers hut down and a now random sell land menu!


* Added the drunken monkey performance to the owned magic theatre
* Added gibbering monks unintelligible song
* Added gibbering monks clicking mouth
* Added ‘716’ Music Lover Cheat (100 relation with music guild)
* Added ‘717’ Music Hater Cheat (-100 relation with music guild)
* Added debug mode forced vassilation option
* Added chance of mercenary groups refusing to work for you as demon king
* Added randomised land buyer menu with 10 possible buyers (Credit KeyIsFull)
* Added ability to burn catographers guild to the ground


* Added Greenskin mining company ability to enslave throne room


* Fixed magic theatre line bug
* Fixed a knight who ‘SAYS’ bug
* Fixed monfort mine unable to prospect if more than 10 miners bug
* Fixed no prospecting failed text in shallowrockmine
* Fixed cartographers guild labeled as hut


* Added 5 new knight for the horde texts
* Significantly buffed number of demons overlord sends you as demonic king (20x
as many)



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