Mainly fixes and some new little throne room editions, mostly housekeeping and making sure everything has multiple outcomes and variations to keep things fresh, also the filesize has been reduced quite a bit as there were a few complaints, 3x smaller now!


* Compressed all warsim music files reduced warsim filesize from 161mb to 47mb
* Added Gibbering monk three forheads
* Added gibbering monk shrunken head


* Added paid advice throne room encounter
* Added two coins stuck togeather throne room encounter
* Added painted stone throne room encounter
* Added moulded dung throne room encounter
* Added starving 12 children throne room encounter
* Added family eating their dog throne room encounter
* Added dynamic witches curses (deserters, gold, rebels, bandits)
* Added knight and damsel throne room
* Added knight offers 100 gold throne room
* Added non-fighting knight throne room
* Added mini chance of coin landing on side in coin flip throne room encounter


* Fixed Goblin clan alliance bug (Credit Defender from Audiogames.net)
* Fixed duplicate line issue in blockaded music guild
* Fixed Repeated leaving sentence in demon realm (Credit Defender from Audiogames.net)
* Fixed rebel plotter throne room encounter (8x rarer now)
* Fixed road robber throne room encounter (2x rarer now)
* Fixed throw goblin out of court throne room duplicate bug
* Fixed abomination music rabble bug
* Fixed sleeping with skeletons no prisoner bug
* Fixed you the gold text bug
* Fixed disgraced ‘heros’ text bug
* Fixed goblin coin giver wrong action tag
* Fixed goblin coin giver text from old encounter bug


* Modified throne room child coin encounter relation odds
* Allowed void visitors to bypass rabble
* Added new suffixes ‘the drizzler and the pecker’
* Added 5 new flag parts
* Added 5 new advices
* Made coin flip 1% more likely to be tails (51/49)
* Made it more likely to lose public opinion for jailing wedding man
* Made it more likely to lose public opinion for condemning wedding man
* Made coin of fate reward scale with the players (10k per land)


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