Today’s update is mainly bugfixes as well as a new little addition to the blackmarket called the blackmarket slums, you can donate gold to it or hire some local scum to fight for you, at some point if you’ve donated enough they might even send a force to fight with you when you get attacked!


* Added Blackmarket slums to the game
* Added ability to hire peasant scum from blackmarket slums
* Added ability for black market scum to assist you in battle


* Fixed mystery speechless bandit bug (credit u/Fury222222)
* Fixed troop despawn bug
* Fixed Music Guild Tribute text bug
* Fixed music guildmaster text white bug
* Fixed Animal fight pit kicks you out of the north
* Fixed the ORB OF CHAOS stall breaker bug
* Fixed leaving the slums tells you none can be hired bug
* Fixed Fort Gorthmek troop bug
* Fixed black market tower graphic bug


* Added ‘The Bucket Knight’ and ‘The Bucket’ suffixes (credit u/ryan055)
* Added colour to songwood compass
* Added new name ‘of the blackmarket slums’ & ‘of the slums’
* Buffed Militia by 2 battlepoints
* Added ability to buy multiple bluetri fruit


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