Today’s updated adds the bards guild and finger clicking musicians which I’ve planned to add since the music update so here they are, the bards guild is definitely worth visiting and can be found in the second region of the west! Also the blackmarket has grown a little bit more and will keep growing, now there is a district of stalls!


* Added Musicians Guild to Songwood
* Added ability for musicians guild to not let you in if musician relation is low enough
* Added ability to hear special unique lute song if relation is 25+
* Added ability to hear special sea shanty if relation is 50+
* Added each of the musician types to the music guild to be heard on demand
* Added ability to take tribute from the musicians guild
* Added song lyrics archive
* Wrote ‘Fair Orcish Maiden’ Lyrics
* Wrote ‘King of the Dwarves’ Lyrics
* Wrote ‘The Lord of Ice’ Lyrics
* Wrote ‘Phenor the Black’ Lyrics
* Added Bluetrii stall to blackmarket stalls
* Added Face expression tester to the extras concept art menu
* Added Clicker musicians to the game world!


* Fixed broken hat!
* Fixed the combat academy there arent that many troops bug
* Fixed spymasters with less than 100 skill giving you empty reports prebattle
* Fixed brawl pit hp being too predictable


* Balanced Hat Chances in the game
* Added 6 new hats to the game (some weird ones)
* Added 5 new types of punch to brawl pit
* Added ability for punches to miss in brawl pit
* Reorganised Blackmarket to have section for stalls
* Updated blackmarket graphics to represent the now bigger blackmarket
* Fixed wages generated for nonhirable bards
* Added new name suffix ‘The Fancyman’ (+70 stats)
* Fixed drummer typo


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