One of the biggest and most feature-full updates I’ve ever released, two new cheats, billions of new faces including a complete overhaul of cyclopes (they look slightly less like tomatoes now) but the biggest thing of all is randomly generated music, tons and tons of the stuff! From gnome whistlers to Orc grunters, Guitarists and drummers and everything else, the world is a bit more joyful now!


* Overhauled lizardmen faces (259x as many as before)(was 20736 faces)(now 50388480)
* Overhauled ent/treeman faces (30979x as many as before)(was 8437500)(now 261387200000)
* Added Hats for all cheat (747)
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for bandits
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for goblins
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for rebels
* Added new cheat “101” all independent kingdoms become pacifists
* Added new mermen faces (Was 243 million) (now 1.26 billion)
* Completely remade Cyclops faces
* Added 32730614784 new cyclops faces (was 898 thousand)(now 32.7 billion)
* Added Randomly Generated Music to the game (with various lengths and speeds of music)
* Added Two kinds of Randomly Generated Guitarist (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Goblin Drummer (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Orcish Grunter (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Vampyric Guitarist (with animation)
* Added The Magnificent Wulf Thorenson to the Black Market
* Added Game breakingly long song to Wulf Thorenson in upgraded black market
* Added Randomly Generated Gnome Whistler (with animation)
* Added Rare throne room encounter Abomination Musician (with animation)


* Fixed restarting sound bug
* Fixed no colour for 4 demon totems when destroyed


* Added special Tale of Demons singer throne room encounter
* Added Throne room musicians who charge a fee
* Added execution bribe dynamic encounter (credit u/YetiRoadburger)
* Added Cave treasure throne room encounter


* Added The Tale of Demons Lyrics to the Library
* Added 2 new hats to the game
* Added Encounter Selector to Debug Menu (allows you to choose throne room encounters)
* Added prebattle text to bandit and goblins
* Added colour to the sourthern compass
* Added Drylands description
* Added Oasis description
* Added Southern coast description
* Added goblin kingdoms love you when you buy the sceptre


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