This update might not look big but it includes several major new additions, such as massive overhaul of the vampire face generator, now you will notice much more variation in their faces, elven faces have been improved a little bit too!

The biggest editions of the update are the random face generator that can mash up faces of all creatures to create total messed up faces, and also the new lines of dialogue recorded for the demon overlord, when you defeat him in his realm and can ask him questions this new update adds voiced lines for him, the first character in the game to ever have a voice! Check it out


* MASSIVE VAMPIRE FACE OVERHAUL (2565x as many faces as before!) (was 190’080 faces now 487’555’200!)
* Added over 4 million new elven faces (4’384’800)
* Added Random Face generator (creates monstrosities with 6’086’012’052’314’203’966’656 total possibilities!!!) 6 sextillion!
* Added 15 lines of recorded dialogue for the demonic overlord in the demon realm


* Fixed my the text bug


* Added stray demon throne room encounter
* Added peasant wants soldier to help defend his farm (credit u/muramas)
* Added random outcome bandit raid encounter
* Added old man wants to see you before he dies (credit u/PJvG)


* Updated dialogue for who made you demonic
* Coloured old northern carving
* Added 12 new roof tiles


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