Hey guys, todays update focuses a little more on the west, adding a new area, some fixes and a lot of colouration where there wasn’t any, Also now trade posts can be a thing in procedural building generation and when you attack an independent kingdom it shows you some buildings, also I’ve added new pacifist races who will not attack anyone, only defend!


* Added special graphic when attacking an independent kingdom
* Added the Great High-Trees of Songwood to the west exploration
* Added Pacifist Races who do not attack anyone
* Added Harmless Races who do not attack anyone
* Added trade post building to possible independent buildings (+gold per turn)


* Fixed Demonic laws bug (Credit Bashue)
* Fixed Evil laws bug (Credit Bashue)
* Fixed Demon totem bug (Credit Bashue)
* Fixed ascii free version face showing up bug
* Fixed songwood graveyard visitable before discovered bug
* Fixed 6 broken spacing tiles


* Coloured Hlok Mine
* Coloured Songwood Graveyard
* Coloured Songmakers Hut
* Coloured Lava Pit
* Coloured the four demon totems in the south
* Coloured Order of roses citadel


* Added 4 new tilesets
* Updated holy order layout


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