Hey guys, there are a few new features in this update, this update is mostly focused on bugfixes, making Denland nicer and making the game a little more moddable! the gibbering monk is much more fun in this edition! 🙂


* Added ability to disable debug menu
* Added ability to stop mercenary groups disbanding
* Added ability to change kingdom flag colour in debug mode
* Added Demon Decay to the magic theatre
* Added lots of flavour text to throwing a coin in the well
* Removed old gibbering monk graphic and added face
* Added lots of new gibbering monk reactions
* Added graphic for each gibbering monk action
* Added ability to ask guards for their opinion during most throne room arrests


* **Fixed demon overlord kills you for speaking to him**
* Fixed ruined wagon mag post colour
* Fixed Harlaw goblins text bug
* Fixed Harlaw tribute after they are killed or bought out
* Fixed Smallhaven tribute paid even after village ruined
* Fixed the knights training loophole (credit u/reclawyx_sabre)
* Fixed Farmer joining bandit version of Aslona when hurt by bandits
* Fixed Refugee recruitment minus gold bug (credit u/reclawyx_sabre)
* Fixed gibbering monk laugh loudly text bug
* Fixed Watchtower exit bug


* Coloured western compass
* Coloured magic theatre
* Coloured the magic well
* Coloured Small haven
* Coloured wagon mans post
* Coloured great stone of denland


* Changed demon overlord text order
* Updated debug menu
* Limited the max slavers to 80 (credit u/reclawyx_sabre)
* Modified Magic Theatre Prices
* Updated Gibbering monk menu


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