Game of Thrones Mod

This is an announcement of the first mod for Warsim, and with this mod being announced many new features are going to be put in place to allow for better moddability, the game of thrones mod features the following.

* Play as Stannis Baratheon fighting against other kingdoms such as the Ironborn, The North, The Westerlands, The Riverlands and Dorne
* Mercenary Groups such as the Second Sons and the Grass Sea Kalassar
* Reworked unit trees, and flags
* Bandits like the Brotherhood without Banners
* Locations from the game in each kingdom such as the Iron Throne, Castermere, Pyke and Winterfell
* A Full game of thrones soundtrack
* And much more…

Download the game [here](, all credit goes to Truecraig of the [Audiogames]( forums who made the game, head over if you wish to thank him for his work! 🙂


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