Not the biggest update today but lots of cool things added, you can now play rock paper shears with your game master if he has a higher skill than 100 making training a game master more worth while, also you can interact more with shallowrock mine and finally the mountain of Saaroth in the Wild North has been added with quite an interesting little questline, that aside the HUGE bug that caused games to crash when viewing lords has been fixed! and several other things have been changed/fixed, enjoy! 🙂 Also if you haven’t already and you like the game please vote for us on greenlight!


* Added cheat code 380 to set a number of lands (credit Dalen Lewin)
* Added ‘Rock Paper Shears’ game that can be played by gamesmaster once trained
beyond 100 skill
* Added ability to request tribute from shallowrock mine
* Added ability to speak to leader of shallowrock mine (dynamic responses)
* Added The Mountain of Saaroth to the Wild North
* Added Battle with wildermen at Saaroth


* Fixed vassilisation bug
* Fixed burn 100 peasants alliance if you dont bug (credit Mata)
* Fixed Old man in staving bug (credit Mata)
* Fixed mercenary leader screen colour issue
* Fixed destroy slavers fort spacing
* Fixed destroy slavers fort text colour
* Fixed massive lords crash bug
* Fixed brawlers pit text colour


* Added dynamic 7 new responses from Demon Worshipper


* Made goblin slave figure based on lands
* Added 10 new name suffixes
* Added 5 new crowns


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