Hey guys, todays update adds a heap of new human names that are randomly generated, tons of new faces, and lots of work in the exploration screen, there is now a new law you can enact to make the militia recruit more, a new screen in independent kingdoms where you can view the crown closer, and you can now fully use the thickblood tavern with its dynamic graphic and upgrades, also beware the old stone!


* 1 in 4 human name now have -son surnames instead of heroic prefixes
* Made peasants last unit in battle
* Added kings crown to every king screen
* Added special crown screen to kingdom information
* Added militia subsidisation law
* Added ability to upgrade thickblood taverns decor, size and ale cellar
* Added ability to make income from the tavern
* Added 466 trillion new human faces (466’235’226’479’880)
* Added the Old Stone to the Far North (creates undead hordes)


* Fixed kingdom type called ‘M’ error
* Fixed northern sudden death in thickblood tavern kicking player out
* Fixed slavers fort text bug
* Fixed thickblood flag bug
* Fixed Explorers stone line spacing issue
* Fixed options are available text bug
* Fixed duplicate line in outlaws screen
* Fixed Destroyed strength stone graphic sizing issue
* Fixed far north text error
* Fixed sizing issue of harvest stone and doomstone


* Added destroyed slavers fort graphic
* Added dynamic thickblood tavern graphic
* Coloured doomstone graphic
* Coloured ruined doomstone graphic
* Coloured Animal pit graphic
* Coloured Old Northern Ruin Graphic
* Coloured Explorers stone in far north
* Coloured Far North Compass screen


* Added animation settings saved and remembered
* Updated music credits.txt
* Added 5 new name suffixes
* Moved all refugee camps to their own diplomacy screen instead of separate


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