Hey guys, been quite a while but here it is, in all it’s glory, the 6.6.6 update that has been long overdue, There are many big features in this update some that aren’t just demon related, but we’ll get to them later, firstly, the demon horde is now going to slaughter you… they were nerfed in the past, not anymore, now they are tougher than ever… sorry.

Also the arena ain’t cheap anymore, it makes a whole heap of profit so only makes sense its the most expensive thing you can buy, aside from that lots of new exploration areas in the south, new encounters, Monfort mine can now be captured by factions, you can also demand tribute from them, the demon realm has been overhauled and is way better and has a really really cool animation in it,


* Added a new feature where when you destroy the 5 kingdoms you can explore and discover a new continent finding 5 new kingdoms that are significantly more powerful than the last!
* Demon horde significantly buffed (ie… you are screwed)
* Made arena way more expensive (2.5million with upgrades at 1m and 2.5m)
* Added new cheat 88 well built (+10k units to army)
* Added Old Ruined Demonic Totem to the South Exploration
* Added Four Dynamic Randomly generated Demon Totems to the South
* Added monfort Mine prospecting
* Added insulting demon worshipper throne room encounter
* Added demon worship headgear to demon warder throne room encounter
* Added pledge of the knight throne room encounter
* Band of warriors throne room encounter
* Added Demon worshipper become demon random event
* Added Demon Hunter kills 3 demons random event
* Added dynamic aslona knight quest random event
* Added rare camp assurak powerful ritual random event
* Made bandits steal more from you
* Added band of peasants joined Assurak demon worshipers random event
* Added ability for factions to capture and hold monfort mine
* Nerfed number of throne room visitors per turn
* Added monfort mine tribute
* Added demon realm overhaul
* Added Ability to sell and buy units from the militia in the diplomacy screen


* Fixed uncapitalised artifact hall bug
* Fixed spymaster payrise throne room encounter bug
* Fixed General payrise throne room encounter bug
* Fixed diplomat payrise throne room encounter bug
* Fixed gibbering monk game freeze bug
* Fixed mad/chaotic/warped races don’t randomly change relation with aslona
* Fixed arena not giving any income
* Fixed missing colored diplomat face when asking about faction relations
* Fixed independent kingdoms not recognising certain relation changes and remaining at war with you
* Fixed Aeromancer unit name bug
* Fixed no income from brawl pits
* Fixed no income from animal pit
* Fixed no income from magic theatre
* Fixed no income from scorpion pit
* Fixed no income from mystery slaver
* Fixed ability to enter -number and break the system
* Fixed line spacing issue in diplomacy main screen


* Added colour to hiring staff screens
* Added Demon Flag Colour in diplomacy
* Added Krut Flag Colour in diplomacy
* Added Erak Flag Colour in diplomacy
* Added Deserter Flag Colour in diplomacy
* Added two new name suffixes
* Added 8 new flag parts for circular flags
* Updated Ancient Southern Ruins Ascii Art
* Added 20 New Demon Names to the Generator
* Updated Camp Assurak Ascii Art
* Added 6 new building tilesets
* Updated monfort mine tribute dialogue to show mine master
* Coloured monfort mine ascii image
* Updated text of foriegn noble random event
* Coloured scroll white in diplomacy main screen
* Added colour to the laws screen graphic
* Added demon decay graphic
* Added colour for brawl pit
* Updated and coloured graphic for Slavers fort
* Added new different graphics for owned and unowned slavers fort
* Rearranged diplomacy screen faction list


* Demonic Doings http://i.imgur.com/ff4hJnj.png
* New Friends http://i.imgur.com/3A3xrzs.png
* Demon Worship http://i.imgur.com/1kvQdqC.png
* Demonic Realm http://i.imgur.com/ukxHc0z.png


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