Not the longest list of things on the changelog today, but definitely a game changing update, today the Militia is now a full faction, and flags have been reworked to be a little bit more dynamic! Also Warsim has just surpassed 100’000 lines of code, it’s getting huge!


* Added militia as a faction
* Added new advanced flag system
* Added circular flag types
* Added half-shade flag types
* Added three other flag types
* Added green flags for all goblin tribes (always circular flags)


* Fixed 2500 Gold land showing up even when unavail
* Fixed spacing of staff quiting throne room encounter text
* Fixed prospecting have no text for not finding anything
* Fixed skirmish issue


* Made Xenophobia slightly rarer
* Made militia unit price vary
* Made Militia aggression level vary
* Added so militia defend Aslona
* Added generals head appears when choosing to attack
* Nerfed Starting Peasant Militia numbers
* Randomised turnly militia joiners instead of fixed number
* Added five new name suffixes


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