* Updated troop overview to show troop names not soldiers peasants knights
* Independent Lords have year they were annionted now
* Ability to ask indepednent lords how long they’ve been lords
* Added swamp toll to the farthest area of the west
* Fixed text bug in asking independents to attack people
* Added ability to pay bandits to attack an enemy as long as truced
* Fixed bandit diplomacy skipping each time you speak to them
* Added colour to faces of bandit rulers
* Added generals face colour to attack screen
* Fixed so so text bug for demonic shield artifact
* Fixed lord generation error
* Added limit of how low land price can go to 2500
* Added arena owned income (based on tons of factors, very dynamic)
* Added new flag part
* Added 24 new ents names
* Added colour to merc groups intro screen
* Fixed assessment of merc troops screen being its own screen
* Added about section for merc leader to merc screen
* Fixed ability to spam for troops beyond -1 relation (credit u/reporttimies)
* Fixed game not recognising being at war with independent in diplomacy screen
if you caused it in diplomacy
* Fixed duplicate the in arena entry text
* Fixed overlapping lines in arena text
* Added independent soldiers and knights to arena
* Added rare chance of mercenaries to the arena
* Reworked troop aid system
* Military aid is now made up of the population of the country who aids you
* Added 390 set your gold cheat code


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