Todays update while not a huge one has a few cool new features in it, aside from a few bug fixes and tweaks, we have a new staff member which can be gained only though the throne room, the games master allows you to play coin flip and sudden death at anytime from your staff screen, though I will be adding more games in future so let me know if you have any ideas, also the ability to attack and own the mystery slaver in the east, just one of many tweaks to the exploration screen we’ll be seeing soon, also finally a new random race suffix called Wasting whereby the race will slowly lose it’s lands, hopefully plenty to keep you guys going!

**New Features**

* Added ability to attack mystery slaver
* Added ability to earn income from mystery slaver
* Added ability to hire Traveling Game Masters as staff
* Added new staff member Game Master
* Added Wasting race suffix (random chance for lands to go barren each year)
(credit u/reddish_kangaroo)


* Fixed gift lands beyond lands bug (credit to Madkiwi)
* Fixed unable to imprizon changeling
* Fixed ‘an training ground’ text bug
* Fixed ‘Bookk’ text bug
* Fixed shrine of harvest description
* Fixed barracks upgrade bug
* Fixed crazy man throne room encounter text
* Fixed praise encounter text spacing bug
* Fixed greenskin mining company encounter even after mine bought


* changed resurrection text
* Updated upgrade descriptions
* Added ability to buy shallowrock mine through throne room encounter
* Added face colour for staff members


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