Hey guys, little update today, fixed the bug you’ve all reported where loading a save crashed the game, sorry about that one, and added some cool little things. While there aren’t many things in the list, a lot of them are pretty hefty, new resurrecting races, a new race, and a large overhaul of the way independent lords work, with more in the pipeline, hope you guys enjoy!

* Added Half-Demon Race to the game (red humans)
* Fixed the save game crash bug
* Fixed Duchy typo (credit /u/Darkseh)
* Added 8 new roof tiles
* Added sleeping with skeletons throne room encounter
* Added new building tile
* Added ability to ask independent lords about their system of nobility
* Added ability to view lords stats
* Fixed choice2 lands bug
* Added hidden nobility talk easter egg
* Added resurrection test cheat (388)
* Added resurrection race prefix (50% chance when killed they will resurrect in battle)
* Added 20 new name suffixes


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