Massive Update today, the main additions are most new encounters, but also a few new cool features, happy to answer any questions!

* Added outskirts bandit throne room encounter
* Added Bad Jester throne room encounter (credit u/GrimyDime)
* Made rebel plotter encounter slighly rarer
* Made all bandit captured encounters slightly more common
* Added Goblin accuses you of being a bad king throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added Pee Pee Goblin throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Made slave agitiator encounter slightly rarer
* Added escaped slave throne room encounter (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Made hello townsman encounter 3x rarer
* Added stray cat throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added farmers cattle killed throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added Coin of fate encounter to the throne room
* Fixed rihhm village using smallhaven data
* village champions are from rihhm and smallhaven in grand tourney
* Added dynamic 256 encounter insulting man throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added crazy man, talking procedurally generated gibberish. (credit u/PJvG)
* Added Gamesmaster and sudden death dice game to throne room
* Fixed only able to select one random race instead of 5
* Added Two women both claim a baby throne room encounter
* Added mother of a dead soldier alms throne room encounter
* Added new name to human names (my name)(the best name)
* Fixed soldiers text instead of knights
* Fixed arena upgrade screen accessible without owning arena
* Fixed ability to watch animal fights without beast cages unlocked
* Updated loading screen to show independent lord generation
* Fixed succesfully defending a battle showing the wrong figure for your losses
* Added special hidden cheat code
* Person giving you praise and compliments throne encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added dynamic independent lord loyalty description
* Added Bad General throne room encounter (credit u/GrimyDime)
* Added Ex-slave, please destroy slaver fort throne room encounter
* Added rich ex-slave, ill pay to destroy slaver fort throne room encounter
* Added slavers looking for hire throne room encounter
* Added cursed man throne room encounter
* Added clanlands kingdom type to game (great cheif and warlords)
* Added system that sets certain kingdom types to certain civilisation levels (ie a bunch of savage goblins wont be a dutchy, it will mostly likely be a clan)
* Added 8 new roof tiles
* Added 2 flag parts
* Added 25 new name suffixes
* Added basis for independent kingdom system types (totalitarian, central, feudal ect)
* Added Void Army to the game
* Fixed gifting land to independent but no lord for it
* Coded independent lords do not return when their land is gained back


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