Little update today, been a little busy starting work again after the new year but there should be some more bigger and better updates on the horizon, like coming soon! This update has a few more faces, some bug fixes and slave tweaks!

* Added more human headbands and hair (3 quadrillion more human faces!)
* Reworked godling race
* Added ability to choose which races are in your world
* Added Slaves freed stat to stats screen
* fixed -1 years bug in stats screen
* Added ability to disable animation
* Added colour to buildings in independent diplomacy
* Added NAME’s Domain Faction name
* Added slaves included in harvest report
* Fixed crops fail not being reported
* Fixed peasants overworked not showing in kingdom report screen
* Added slave deaths from overworked included in reports
* Added Man asks for wedding blessing throne room encounter
* Added general banditry throne room encounter
* Added road robber throne room encounter
* Added egg theif throne room encounter
* Added guard murderer throne room encounter
* Added anarchist throne room encounter
* Added peasant killer throne room encounter


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