Warsim (Christmas Update)


Merry Christmas guys! worked on a little something for you all, this update contains a few little things that were coded already as well as a special christmas edition of the game, in future versions christmas mode will be coded out so enjoy it while it lasts :)

ACTUAL UPDATE (the stuff added alongside the christmas mode)

* Added soldier bedded farmers daughter encounter (throne room)
* Added ability to block out the rabble from your court
* Made goblin coin encounter 10x rarer
* Made bandit seeking outlaws unbanished 20x rarer
* Modified the rebel craftsman encounter text
* Added Passing caravan dropped gold encounter (throne room)
* Added village collection gold encounter (throne room)
* Added ability to say nothing to hello encounter
* Added goblin give you gold encounter (throne room)
* Added seal the arena pit encounter (throne room)
* Added lone refugee encounter (throne room)
* fixed throne visitors accumulating over the turns with none leaving
* Fixed recruiters not actually recruiting peasants (credit u/2ndchoiceusername)


* 5 Premade christmas kingdoms with their own special leaders
* Special premade currencies and buildings for some of the kingdoms
* Special randomly generated christmas greetings in main menu
* Special end of turn gift event
* Court common gift even in throne room
* Special premade christmas units for kingdoms

As always download the update from the sidebar and have a wonderful Christmas whoever you and whatever you are doing :)

Thank you for the continued support, comments and donations!

Huw Millward


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