Hey guys another little update today, lots of player suggestions and new races, also races with colour specifications such as red dwarves, will now be the aforementioned colour, also in the extras is a face maker, check it out, it’s currently just for fun but will be used in the future! also added some more powers to vassilisation! enjoy!

* Added so that races colour can also be determined by race suffix (white, red, blue, green, purple, grey, yellow) (credit u/voliol)
* Fixed vassilisation being 5x too easy
* Buffed behemoths
* Fixed incorrect call for heads and tails in gambling in throne room
* Fixed regenerating face in throne room heads and tails
* Added Goliath race prefix (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Added face changeling encounter (rare) (throne room)
* Added Face maker to extra menu
* Fixed magic fruit seller cruel action giving you public opinion instead of taking
* Added man and sons encounter (uncommon) (throne room)
* Added man wants slave dead encounter (rare) (throne room)
* Added Beastly race prefix (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Added Hollow race prefix (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Added Juggernaut race prefix (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Added Unborn race prefix (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)
* Fixed demon sacrifice encounter incorrect face and colour
* Added goblin tribe looking to merge encounter (super rare) (throne room)
* Added ability to make independent vassals not attack anyone
* Fixed vassal attacking bandits or independents bug


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