To celebrate 400 subscribers on reddit this is another big update, lots of fixes and additions following suggestions from players, also harpy faces are now in the game, two chances to explore each turn instead of one, autosaving, but most of all there is now a new screen in the kingdom menu, Throne Room!

The throne room was inspired by a game called “[Sort the Court](https://graebor.itch.io/sort-the-court)” that I played earlier today, I decided having something somewhat similar within your own kingdom might be interesting, it’s in it’s early stages at the moment and I plan to have at least 4x the encounters before I count it as complete, but as of now all kinds of commoners, knights, farmers, soldiers and diplomats will pass by your court and request a word with you!

* Fixed bandit 7 raid crash bug (credit u/Muramas)
* Add 2 explore chances per turn by default
* Added limit on max hirable troops if you have lots of money (credit u/Muramas)
* Added Landgrave and Margrave lordly titles
* Added Autosave (can be enabled and disabled from new ingame settings menu)
* Added settings menu in option 13 menu on the main screen (credit u/sentrykobold)
* Modified text on the independent vassal screen to prevent incorrect destroyed kingdom text
* prevented independent vassal kingdoms being able to be made to attack themselves
* Buffed mercenaries by making their strength count more in the initial battlescore (credit u/block1788)
* Added text displayed after you ask a vassl to attack someone
* Added ability to withdraw and deposit all gold in the bank (credit u/muramas)
* Updated Voliol’s concept art page with all new concept pieces (credit u/voliol)
* Added 819521224704 different Harpy faces (credit u/voliol)
* Added harpy face generator to generators (credit u/voliol)
* Separated generators into two different page
* Added throne room to the game
* Added 24 throne room encounters


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