Hey guys and welcome to all the new folks we half checking the game out, todays update was little bit delayed, had a lot going on with moving houses and things but I thought I’d smash this update out for you guys! biggest addition is the ability to ask your vassal kingdom to attack a faction, what this does is makes them immediately -100 hostile with your choice, rebels giving you shit, get your vassalised kingdom of goblins to give them hell, also added new dryads faces thanks to cool suggestion and now when hiring troops you can see how many you can afford and how many you have thanks to a good suggestion by Muramas! Hope you enjoy it guys, more coming soon!

* Added Grand prince ruler title to the game
* Added something that shows how many troops you have and can hire in the hire troops screen (credit u/Muramas)
* Added 1’431’021’048’076’800 Human faces (x 3 if you include different colour types)
* Added ability to make vassals of kingdoms you are not at war with too
* Fixed tribute screen refresh issue
* Added currently not working indicator to recruitment screen
* Added ability for you to tell your vassals who to attack
* Added Dryads to the game (credit to u/_M4XoR) 509’483’520’000 Total dryads
* Updated Donors page
* Updated Credits to add u/_M4XoR)


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