Hey guys, little update today been quite busy as of late working my new job and doing some little indie lets plays for my youtube channel

but Warsim always comes first so I had to do some coding tonight!

Also todays update is a celebratory one, the reddit community has exceeded 300 subscribers! this is a huge milestone for me, my old game The Wastes peaked at 440 subs, so while this isn’t the best I’ve ever done, this is certainly an acheivement! Each and every one of you guys is appreciated, your comments and feedback are gold to me, you are the hearts of the community and honestly, seeing comments every day is one of the biggest fuels for developing the game, I’ve had bad days and then come home to three notifications of comments or posts on this sub and my day is immediately brighter, so thank you everyone!

* Added u/voliol to the credits (missed it last update)
* Fixed ability to access iron hills by accident
* added a message when you try to send 500 gold and don’t have enough
* Fixed gifting land not working
* Fixed the incorrect amount of kills and deaths being showed when aslona attacked
* Fixed load save issue with independent lords
* Added clan faction type (king = Cheif)(lord = warlord)
* Added special kingdom faction type (King = God King)(Lord = Low King)
* Added 1 in 100 chance a faction leader will be called the great one, the chosen one, the dark one, the mighty one or the almighty one


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