Will be working on something big tomorrow hopefully, not sure if it will be done by tomorrow but I will make a start so prepare to be blown away, it will either be to do with Lords and Nobles or Magic! this update contains mainly fixes, a few modifications and tiles! Also animations are now a thing, sort of! watch a fight in the arena to see it live!

* Added 6 new tilesets
* Fixed line spacing in outlaws screen
* Modified outlaws screen
* Fixed aslona men refresh issue
* Added new cheat 172 (gives 100 of all indepednent troops)
* Added character generator to generators
* Fixed able to buy sold maps from cartographer
* Kings of independent kingdoms now have the stats of their race
* Fighters from independent kingdoms now have the names and stats of their race
* Added debug mode 111 for developer use
* Fixed bug where Aslonan troops from independent kingdoms were all terrible fighters
* Added gate animation during arena combat


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