Big Things on the Horizon

There are many big things on the Horizon for Warsim, while not all of them may be implemented there is a great likelyhood that eventually a majority of these things will be in the game, some of the stuff planed it as follows:

  • Animated Sequences in the game
  • National Anthems for each kingdom
  • Vassal Kingdoms providing troops to you
  • Refugees from destroyed kingdoms who can re-establish their dead lands
  • Races other than the five that exist in independent kingdoms that will try and establish themselves
  • Independent Kingdoms having diplomacy with factions such as bribing the bandits to stop fighting them, start wars with other kingdoms if they are aggressive, opening peace agreements with their enemies if they want peace
  • Rebellions within kingdoms if the kings are doing a bad job
  • In-game sounds and sound effects
  • Dynamic battle sound effects for each death in a battle
  • Slave Master staff member who helps you deal with slaves and prevents slave revolts
  • Grand Wizard Staff member who can cast spells once you’ve learned them based on your mana level
  • Randomly generated spells with 1000s of possibilities, you can’t know them all
  • Economy where farming produces crops, all people need to eat, mines produce ore and can be turned into weapons which can be sold for higher
  • Ability for you to worship demons
  • Ability for demons to takeover a kingdom and replace their king with a demon
  • Expansion of the Demon Realm into something much more in depth
  • Demons attackable by a coalition which you can join, so your armies are combined
  • Each kingdom producing their own items ie ‘Orcish Beer’ from a kingdom of orcs which you can trade with
  • Ability for independents to upgrade their kingdoms buildings to yeild results
  • Adventuring parties who go on quests and can be hired
  • More RPG Elements where the king becomes his own character and can fight and train
  • Kingdoms have lords and a lordship type such as feudal, central, socialist
  • Scenarios other than the rebellion being the main focus such as apocalypse, a pre-conquest era, demonic apocalypse
  • Stronger bandit horde which can raid easier
  • Ability to bribe bandit horde to focus their raids on your enemies
  • and lots more…

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