Fair update today, quite a lot of fixes in this update, and some more work on vassalisation, probably the best things added today are the ability to squeeze more money out of your independent vassals and the grand champion score no longer fluctuating to the point no badass champions ever last in the arena! Hope you guys enjoy it

* Fixed names crash bug
* Sell menu bug fixed
* Fixed not enough gold issue with peasant recruitment
* Changed exit to end your turn for clarity
* Block independent arena and slave post being accesible when non-existant (credit u/asideofapplesauce)
* Fixed indepedent kingdoms gaining only one lands worth of income per turn
* Added gain more gold from vassals
* Heads and tails northern tent now kills you (credit u/asideofapplesauce)
* Fixed grand champion battlescore changing (credit u/iamlenb)
* Vassilisation status now shown on attack screen
* Vassilisation status now takes priority over alliance status on diplomacy screen
* Fixed game crash Hobogoblin bug
* Added ability to adjust the amount of money your vassal pays you in tribute each turn
* Added relation drop chance for vassals with high tribute rate
* Fixed typo on main screen (credit u/Beware_The_Sketch and u/VedVid)
* Removed excess line from vassal screens
* Added 12 roof tiles to the game


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