Todays update’s biggest feature is vassilisation, though it’s not complete it’s a start, currently you will be able to vassalise a kingdom that doesn’t hate you too much if you have 5 times the troops they do and are hostile to them, they will provide you with a tribute of 20% of their income each turn, in future this will be greatly expanded! also some new race types a few fixes and lots of new tile sets to play with!

* Added Leopards/were-Leopards/half-Leopards/Leopard folk/evolved Leopards/shapeshifting Leopards/Leopard men
* Added Cougars/were-Cougars/half-Cougars/Cougar folk/evolved Cougars/shapeshifting Cougars/Cougar men
* Added Beetles/were-Beetles/half-Beetles/Beetle folk/evolved Beetles/shapeshifting Beetles/Beetle men
* Added Butterflies/were-butterflies/half-butterflies/buttefly folk/evolved butteflies/shapeshifting butterflies/butterfly men
* Added Buzzards/were-Buzzards/half-Buzzards/Buzzard folk/evolved Buzzards/shapeshifting Buzzards/Buzzard men
* Fixed sell soldiers and knights options showing when unavailable
* Fixed incorrect rents screen for independent kingdoms
* Added ability to vassalise kingdoms with 5x less troops than you
* Vassal kingdoms provide you with 20% of their income
* Added 12 new building tiles


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