Been a few days without an update due to life issues at the moment but gonna try my best to keep them coming, wanted todays update to be nice and packed so we’ve got lots of new content, my favorite two are the new game screen that tells you who the races of the world are and the new sentinel race type which when defeated bequeath you a special and very powerful artifact so if you see a sentinel race on their last land, kill them! 🙂

* Added 64 New roof tiles
* Fixed roof tile spacing issue
* Added game race explanation (credit /u/voliol)
* Added 10 new names to the name generator
* 18 new flag parts
* 12 new building tilesets
* Modified Barbarians
* Added berserker race
* Fixed raid and invade counters reading all
* Added total raids and invasions and skirmish counters
* Added Metal race type
* Added Steel races types
* Added Warborn race type (stronger people, slightly more populated)
* Added Weeping race type
* Added Vile race type (evil)
* Added Sentinel race type (special guardians of an artifact)
* Added Psychotic race type (evil)
* Fixed hall of artifacts text bug
* Added new artifact “Obsidian Sword” that is only gained by destroying a sentinel race (ie sentinel dwarves) you have to be the one to destroy them!


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